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ダブルオーケストラ (4 - 5)ダブルオーケストラ (5 - 5)ダブルオーケストラ (3 - 5)ダブルオーケストラ (2 - 5)ダブルオーケストラ (1 - 5)

Yoshihide Otomo’s Double Orchestra

Yohihide Otomo is a Japanese noise and experimental musician. He leads a Double Orchestra which plays a improvised concert. Any people who plays the instrumentals can be a member of it with no connection its careers, techniques or ages. There were over  150 citizens played and  some musicians, Ichigaku Yoshimitsu a.k.a doravideo, Pika , Tabito Nanao and tennis coats were also there as guest conductors. The sounds from over 150 instrumentals had a much thick sounds and the experience of it was so exciting.

this live performance was held at KBS Hall, Kyoto in 2011 by F.M.N. sound factory.


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you can read his articles about music from his site.

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