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Loscil, Arovane Japan tour 2014

Loscil  / Arovane Japan tour 2014 with ametsub live set.

Loscil is a music composer from Canada. He is making silent electronic music using the sound from flutes or guitars, raw sounds from instrumentals.

Arovane is known as a German electronic musician. His sounds was warm and beautiful melodies.

Ametsub is a Japanese electronic musician. His stage performance with the movie of his journey was much to his sounds.

This night show was just right to see what the live performance was. Three stages were focused on to experience watching the accident of the playing act. It was perfectly performance and worth to give an ear and eye to live music.

Loscil site

Arovane site

Ametsub site

Held in 2014 at Kyoto by peak silence.

peak silence site