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aspidistrafly ia a duo project of April and Ricks. April sings and play a guitar. Ricks makes beautiful drone layers using a electronic guitar and a laptop. Her singing style resembled me of mother’s story telling, and her voice was covered by something soft and thick.

aspidistrafly is a kind of good mixed folk and electronic sounds, but it has some atmosphere of a fictional locate in contemporary Asia.

The live show was more than their CDs and it was more than just good music.

Japanese musician Haruka Nakamura(ex: label schole) from Kitchen label joined this tour. They have met on the internet in the early days of each music activities and now it has been a good relation between Japan and Singapore music scene.

They also runs a Kitchen label; one of an important label in Asia.

Records shop in Kyoto Art Rock No.1 and an organizer Night Cruising cooperated to the Japan tour in Kyoto.

this live show was held at Kyoto in 2012 autumn.


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