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20120513 Mark McGuire’s gig at Meditations Kyoto

live report


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Mark McGuire’s Live performance was held at Meditations; an experimental and psychedelic record shop in Kyoto on 13th May in 2012.

First, let me tell you about him. Mark McGuire is from Cleveland, Ohio. He plays guitar, and also does experimentations with vocals, tapes, keyboards and other instruments. And he is a member of the band Emeralds, plays solo and in various side project. He is in the music scene of not so big but much of unpredictable excitement.

This year, Japanese record label inpartmaint p*dis released his solo work “Get Lost” and his first Japan tour was held.

This live show was not planed to do, but the owner of meditations’ eager and gentle kindness of impartmaint’s owner made it possible. So this live show was not official tour dates, but special one.

May days in Japan are really comfortable. Nice wind is rolling and rolling, and the flora is waiting for rainy seasons and getting growing greeny, the people walking on the street also look full of satisfactions by the joy of nature.

No exception of us were getting excited, because McGuire’s gig was held at very small record shop and could see him playing nearby.

The gig was not informed until the day come, and it was free-charge show. There’re over 20 people already waiting for when we arrived at the shop. It was more than we imagined.

It’s our first experience such lots of people jostled in the small record shop’s floor. At physical shops of Meditations, we see always few people are there, most customers seems to come through web site. Strange sight scene was there.

The twilight eastern sky was getting into dark purple and the small candles and a portrait of रामन महर्षि made the atmosphere perfect. Finally the gig was started in the white walled square.

The gig consisted of two parts.

First part was beautiful and graceful landscapes of drone layers. Silently first , gradually to the above the clouds, and at last it’s almost dazzlingly over the heaven.

The second set was started with sampled conversations voices, it was narratively. Not like the first one, but it’s full of heat power of playing the guitar, it gonna be almost Rock. His whispering but powerful voice also made it a praised space. All people were there must be in the world of ether.

The performance time was almost 1 hour, the happy and magic hour. The experience of his gig was so cool and romantic. His sounds admonished us that we were blessed with music itself. We hope this live show would be a forgettable event for everyone in there.


There will be more gigs inside of shops in future.” a shopman said.

The next gig in a store will be held on this Sunday afternoon, the performer is Jerry Paper ex. ZONOTOPE a new age musician from New York city.

Don’t miss it.

text by Kenji M

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