goto yoshitaka's photo gallery


about this site

this site is opened for supporting musicians, sound performers, sound artists, independent label owners, designers, event organizers and all the people who go ahead for the sounds phenomena.

each photographs has links to artists’ site.

if you like photos, jump to artist’s site, check or buy their records and go out to see their gigs and exhibitions.

hope this gallery becomes doors to the sounds world of yours.



about photographer

goto yoshitaka uses photographs to document sounds phenomena. he was born at rural town in Tohoku region and currently residents in Kyoto. mainly documenting musicians, sound performers and sound arts. all photographs here were taken by him. some photos are published as artworks of records.check photos at the other gallery page for use of it.


about writers

several writers make articles or text.


let me know when you use photographs,

and also contact me to have your photos removed here.



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